RM is now in Korea along with the other BTS members RM is now in Korea along with the other BTS members

BTS' RM is back to Korea and this was the first thing he did upon arrival

The BTS leader finally returned to Korea from Las Vegas and RM did what he loves the most by arriving in his homeland

After the successful concerts of BTS in Las Vegas, the idol group returned to Korea with great joy and although RM stayed a little longer in America, he is already in his country and could not wait to do what he likes the most.

BTS left Korea a few weeks ago in order to carry out their activities in the United States. The idol group traveled to Las Vegas to perform at the 2022 Grammy ceremony. After that, Bangtan also held four wonderful concerts for ARMYs. For two weekends in a row, the boy band shared time with their fans with a simply spectacular show.

Although Bangtan Sonyeondan also took the opportunity and the members used their time in Las Vegas to do some leisure activities like going to concerts, clubs and so on. They shared their fun and best moments with their fans through social media during their stay in America. The idols had the time of their lives in the US.

Most of the Bangtan Boys' members traveled back to Korea some days ago since they were done with their scheduled activities, but RM had to stay a little bit longer and fans were hoping him to finnish with his activities too and head back to his country to reunite with his bandates.

So he did, Namjoon went back to South Korea and he had fun in his country once he arrived safely this is how he annouced he was back in town.

BTS' RM arrived to Korea and this was the very first thing he did when he arrived

RM from BTS announced tha he arrived to Korea safely on his Instagram stories, with a photo and the flag of his country. Later, he shared on Instagram some photos taken in the Bangtan Sonyeondan's concerts and then he revealed that the first thin he did when he arrived to his country was going to an art gallery in which he had fun.

RM shared this on his Instagram Stories | Instagram: @rkive

Namjoon had a lot of fun in Las Vegas and in Korea too, now he's back home and doing all the things he loves the most.

Now that BTS is complete, will they start working on their new album?

It seems like now that BTS is complete and in Korea, the idol group might start working on the next album they have to prepare for their next comeback. ARMY is truly excited to receive new music and more of their favorite idols.

BTS will start working on new music | Twitter: @MyGalaxyRMx

We just have to wait a little bit longer for BTS' next comeback, we're excited to get to listen to the new music from this idol group, it's been a while since their last release.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we have some pre-debut photos from the idols that maybe you haven't seen before. 

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