BTS' RM arriving in Korea BTS' RM arriving in Korea

BTS' RM is back in Korea, ARMY welcomes him peacefully at the Incheon Airport

After his trip to Europe, BTS' RM came back to Korea. The leader had a warm welcome, this is what ARMY did at the airport.

Are you ready for the new BTS age? The K-Pop sensation is preparing tons of surprises. This time the members will be dropping solo projects. We can't wait to see what these talented Idols will reveal.

At the moment, we already know that J-Hope will release his first solo album in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, Jungkook made ARMY crazy with the announcement of his collab with Charlie Puth. "Left & Right" will be here pretty soon.

BTS members / Twitter @SoniaHdz18

The fans are wondering what surprises are preparing the rest of the members. Recently, RM was on a mysterious trip from Europe. Now he is back at home. He got a warm and calm welcome in Korea. Here's all the information.

ARMY welcome peacefully BTS's RM in Korea

On June 22th (KST) RM, the leader of BTS, arrive in Korea after his trip fro Europe. There is not too much official information about his schedule, but the rapper was seen in Paris and Switzerland having a good time.

BTS' RM at the airport / Twitter @BTSbangtanOT7_

ARMY was really happy to welcome the tall Idol. He came back to Korea wearing comfy clothes, as usual, he looked awesome. There were a couple of fanatics waiting for him at the airport. Also, there was not a huge security crew.

RM talking with ARMY / Twitter @gemiong

Because there were not a lot of people, Namjoon has the opportunity to interact a little bit with ARMY. The leader was happy while getting the fans and even posed for some photos. Despite being pretty close, the fanatics respected his personal space.

There was no need for security staff to control the situation. ARMY by themselves behave to protect the Idol. As consequence, both, RM and the fans had a lovely moment. Those girls are so lucky!

Recently, RM talked about the situation of BTS. We have all the information for you.

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