BTS' RM and 'The Last Fallen Moon' BTS' RM and 'The Last Fallen Moon'

BTS' RM inspired a lovely character in the book 'The Last Fallen Moon'

Graci Kim, the author of "The Last Fallen Moon", has revealed that her character 'Namjoon' was inspired by the leader of BTS.

All the members of BTS are global influencers. The talented Idols are a positive influence for thousands all over the world. Their music, hard work, awesome story, and great mindset are an inspiration for ARMY.

We also need to talk about the wisdom that RM shares with the fans. The leader is constantly having deep talks with the fanatics. His words can comfort you pretty easily. He is one of the smartest Idols in the industry.

RM, leader of BTS / Twitter @bngtanlvs

He is well known for his love for art and reading. He always has a book in his hands and he shares the best ones with ARMY. This time the rapper is inside of a novel. A character was named in honor of the leader.

The novel "The Last Fallen Moon" has a character inspired by BTS' RM 

On June 22th the writer Graci Kim revealed the story behind his character called 'Namjoon' from her novel "The Last Fallen Moon". The author revealed on her Twitter account that she chose the name of the dragon inspired by the eyes of BTS' RM.

Graci Kim's post on Twitter / Twitter @vminiecats

'Namjoon' is a magic dragon that looks fierce but it is actually pretty cute. It can make coffee that reflects the quality of your soul. The coffee will be sweet for the compassionate people and bitter for the rude ones.

Namjoon, character of 'The Last Fallen Moon' / Twitter @Karda_BTS13

Previously, the writer has expressed her love for BTS on other projects. This time the fans have realized she is a truly ARMY. Just like the rest of the fandom, she loves the eyes of RM. His visual is out of this world!

After her confession, the book got into the Twitter trends. Graci Kim is showing her gratitude to ARMY. For sure the fans are now pretty curious about the book. Would you like to read it? We want to buy it immediately!

RM has great music to get positive energy. Take this quiz to find out which of his songs would be perfect to start your day.

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