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BTS' RM has revealed he is working in a new solo album

The leader of BTS RM has revealed his plan for music. Will the rapper release a new album?

The leader of BTS has been working as a songwriter and producer even before his debut. RM and the rest of the members are always involved in the music of the group. 

No matter if Bangtan drops music as a group or with solo projects, ARMY always is excited to listen to new songs of the members. RM already has a big catalog for you.

RM on Permission To Dance On Stage / Instagram @rkive

Back then, when he used to work under the stage name "Rap Monster", the rapper released his first solo Mixtape "RM" in 2015. It is available on Soundcloud, you will be shocked with the ability and speed of his rap. We recommend you to watch the video for "Do You".

With a really different sound and vision of the world the artist gave us his second mixtape "mono" in 2018. This time the songs were more calm and the rap style felt more elegant. The tracks include a little bit more of RM singing, his raspy and deep voice is an amazing mood creator.

Apparently the waiting for new music from the artist is coming to an end.

RM will be releasing his new solo album

The leader of BTS will release new music. On April 9th the rapper RM was on live broadcast when he revealed he is already working on his upcoming new album. He said it could drop during the current year.

I'm inviting really interesting and unexpected people to my album.

RM on Vlive / By @BangBangtanEsp_

Previously the leader of RM has worked with many artists for collaborations like "Old Town Road" with Lil Nas or "Don't" with eAeon.

He asked ARMY to wait for his new solo project. Are you excited?

What is your favorite solo song or RM?

Read what RM said about getting a tattoo.

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