Simu Liu and BTS' RM Simu Liu and BTS' RM

BTS' RM has a new celebrity fan, Simu Liu talks about his admiration for the leader

The actor Simu Liu talked about his deep admiration for RM. He explained why the leader is his BTS bias.

BTS has and wonderful story. Behind the massive success, there is the big effort of the members. As you may know, the group started its music journey when BigHit used to be a small and broken agency. Now things are very different. 

The biggest boy band in the world is already at the top of the global industry. Bangtan's career is inspiring millions of souls all over the world. Not just ARMY is proud of the group, but other artists as well.

BTS members / Twitter @archive_purple

One of the most popular members in the western market is RM. The charismatic leader can make everyone fall in love with his wisdom, adorable personality, and endless talents. A new hot celebrity is joining his fandom, the actor Simu Liu!

Simu Liu confessed that RM is his bias from BTS

During a  recent interview, the Chinese-Candian actor Simu Liu was asked about BTS. The artist said that it was tough to say who is his favorite in the group, but immediately he brought out RM's name.

My bias is Rap Monster, RM. I will tell you why. He feels very much like the mouthpiece of BTS. And it takes a lot to assume that responsibility, right?

Simu Liu talking about RM / Twitter @guukboy18

The popular Marvel actor loves the group and Namjoon. His explanation shows that he actually knows a lot of the group. He expressed admires RM's communication skills and his important leadership.

To be able to speak in an eloquent manner on behalf of the entire group. The White House! He has been there every step of the way.

That's not all, Lui talked about RM's producing ability. He concluded his snawered whit an exciting "What's not to love?". Well, it seems like the actor of "Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings" is officially part of ARMY.

Recently, Cardi B also revealed who is her BTS bias. We are telling you his name.

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