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BTS' RM has a new book recommendation, do you want to read it?

ARMY knows how much RM enjoy to read. The leader of BTS has a new book recommendation, it is "I Want To Write but I Don't Want to Write".

Since BTS 'debut the fans of the group noticed what is the most common object RM takes around. Of course, the cellphone is important but, today we are talking about his books.

Occasionally, the smart Idol has revealed some of the titles he already read. His taste is versatile, novels, philosophy and classics from literature. For sure you will find the perfect book for you among his recommendations.

BTS' RM reading / By @purpleloveplus

Do you want to know what book RM is reading right now? We are telling you everything.

RM's new book recommendation is "I Want To Write but I Don't Want to Write".

On May 14th (KST) RM posted on his personal Instagram account some pictures of a book. In the 6 stories we can see different pages of the book "I Want To Write but I Don't Want to Write".It has 9 stories from different authors.

' I Want To Write but I Don't Want to Write' cover / By @vminiecats

This book explores the hardship of the act of writing. The fragments that RM shared described the anxiety and devotion an author can feel for this art. In the second picture the words are:

A cold river runs between me and writing. I have to cross the cold river with my body naked to get to the writing.

If only there was pain that you could bear, who in the right mind would want to repeatedly go through that pain?

RM's story / Instagram @rkive

Apparently, the leader can relate to every single word of the book. Is he saying that his own creation process is painful as well? However, this fragment explained how the author is making his own comfortable place to be happy while writing. The last phrase is:

Even if it may not be reachable, I currently don't know any other way than just heading towards that place.

RM's post / Instragram @rkive

Namjoon's conclusion is short but we can see his own feelings with these words:

Same story.

Unforutanly "I Want To Write but I Don't Want to Write" is just available in Korean. Certainly ARMY  is already curious about the full book. Would you like to read it?

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