RM inreased the visits of this art gallery in Korea RM inreased the visits of this art gallery in Korea

BTS' RM has a great impact in the places he visits in Korea

RM enjoys art and he tends to go to some art galleries which are trending now in Korea

BTS has a huge impact even outside music because of its popularity and this is how RM turned an art gallery into a trend since his last visit, everyone wants to go to the same places as the idol.

BTS has a great popularity and fame, these idols are known in a lot of places around the world but specially in Korea, the country that saw them grow. There are a lot of K-ARMYs who were Bangtan's first supporters and they keep loving the band even nowadays.

And as Bangtan Sonyeondan has a lot of fans, we know everything about the huge impact of the band, it won't only inspire new K-Pop generations. Outside music, Bangtan Boys have a great power too.

Like when they wear a garment and it sells out just because a lot of people wants to steal their style. Bangtan's collabs with brands are also successful, showing more of their power in sales and they use this big influence positively.

So, it's not a surprise to know the impact that RM has when he visitis an art gallery or any place and this is how it works, BTS turns a lot of their favorite things into a trend.

RM shows his impact by increasing visits to this art gallery he toured in Korea

Namjoon tends to share with ARMY a lot of photos on his Instagram account, he's been posting about the places he visitis and amongst them we can find an art gallery, The artist of this exhibition, Lee Jaehyo, talked about how after RM's visit, a lot of people attended to the same place.

After RM posted the photos on his social media, the number of followers increased by 3,000 in one week. Fans visited the gallery and were curious/wondered where she sat, what she drank and all. There are also many comments from abroad that they wanted to come. 

RM increased the visits to this art gallery | Instagram: @rkive

 The best thing is that RM does this genuinely, without even planning it, since the artist said that no one knew that the BTS leader was going to show up at the art gallery, he just did it and now fans want to go to the same places the idol goes.

RM effect on art galleries and more has a long history now

'RM effect' is the name of this phenomenon in which RM sells out of books because he reads them and ARMY wants to buy them and there is also the RM Tour, in which fans visit the same places and read the same books as the idol. Many say that if an art gallery is successful it is because Namjoon visited it.

ARMY wants to read the same books and visit the same places that RM reads and visits | Twitter; @rmnewsdata

So, this is the RM effect which has a positive influence in ARMY, the idols supports culture and local artists which is just amazing and something to admire from him.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you evertything about The BTS Recipe in Korean, a new show for ARMY to learn how to cook. 

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