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BTS' RM gets an exclusive and expensive present from Tiffany & Co.

RM from BTS has received an exclusive gift from the luxurious jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. This is what the leader got.

Recently it was revealed that all the members of BTS are really powerful influencers. They are not just super talented singers but also are some of the most influential celebrities in the world.

As soon as the guys post something on social media it will be all around the world on all the internet platforms. The brands know how convenient this is, so they look for the members for collaborations.

Bangtan members have already worked with multiple brands. Some of them are from high fashion, fast food, video games, vehicles, cellphones and more. Which brand could be the next one? Maybe a luxurious jewelry brand, at least is what we think after seeing the present RM received.

RM from BTS / By @monnxjoon

Tiffany & Co. sent an exclusive gift to RM from BTS 

On April 28, the leader of BTS RM posted a story on his personal Instagram account with some pictures. In the photos we can see a blue basketball with the logo of Tiffany & Co. and Wilson on it. There is also a letter with a message for RM.

RM- A little something special to brighten your day.

Please enjoy your Tiffany & Co. x Arsham Studio x Wilson basketball.

Your friends at Tiffany & Co.


RM story on Instagram / Instagram @rkive

The ball was made for the celebration of the 71st annual NBA All-Star Weekend. It was a limited edition piece from the Wilson collaboration of Cleveland and the artist Daniel Arsham.

The original cost of this item was $575 dollars USD. It was sold out in the initial release in February. The gift for RM nowadays could be more expensive.

Do you like the exclusive gift for RM?

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