BTS' RM for Permission To Dance On Stage BTS' RM for Permission To Dance On Stage

BTS' RM explain why tattoos are a complicated issue for Idols

The leader of BTS has talked about the friendship tattoos of the group. What is RM thinking about it?

ARMY is waiting for a BTS friendship tattoo. In recent days V revealed he and the rest of the members are thinking about doing it. The hilarious suggestion of the singer for the place they should tattoo is making everyone crazy: he wants the guys to get the tattoo in the gluteo.

The youngest of the group Jungkook already has a lot of tattoos on his arm. The fanbase love his appearance and constantly are trying to find all the meanings behind the designs. One of the most obvious is the word "ARMY" in his hand.

However this topic is a controversial thing in Korea. Tattoos are a big taboo in the country but now it is common for celebrities to get tattoos. RM took social media to talk about it. Do you want to know what he said?

RM for Permission To Dance On Stage / By @caarlamoontoya

RM don't want a tattoo on a visible place

On a live broadcast the leader of BTS, RM, talked about the friendship tattoo of the group. He said they have been thinking about designs and one day they will get it.

RM on Vlive / By @vminiecats

At the same time the rapper revealed, he once asked for a design for an individual tattoo but he didn't do it. He is worried about having the tatoo in a visible spot, he doesn't want the people to notice him.

Maybe it is my fashion style or my voice.

People recognize me well.

He is the taller member of the group, so he accepted that he "stands out". During the summer he doesn't like to wear clothes that cover too much. 

So, if I get tattoos, I'm afraid that people will recognize me quickly.

The artist doesn't want to get more attention when he is in his free time. RM is a smart person. Do you think he's making a good decision?

If you want to know more about the friendship tattoo of BTS, we have all the information for you.

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