Rm and Jimin showed their love for Extraordinary Attorney Woo Rm and Jimin showed their love for Extraordinary Attorney Woo

BTS' RM and Jimin showed their love for Extraordinary Attorney Woo in a funny way

Everyone is loving 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' and even BTS idols can't miss this K-Drama as Jimin and Namjoon proved

Not even BTS is spared from the 'Extraordinary Attrorney Woo' fever and even the idols of this group showed their love for this popular Korean drama.

We know that everything made in Korea is conquering the world, first there is K-Pop and obviously BTS, which has ceased to be just a benchmark of this musical genre to become a phenomenon of popular culture. It's an amazing thing, and thanks to this idol group a lot of people have paid more attention to everything in South Korea.

In addition to the fact that K-Pop now has gigantic popularity, so do K-Dramas, these Korean series that present us with different stories and characters that have completely conquered the international public. Among the most popular dramas of the moment we have 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'.

This drama is about a talented lawyer who has autism, she is super professional and smart, although her social skills are not that good. But with her work she will discover more about the world and about herself. Everyone is loving this K-Drama, even Bangtan Sonyeondan idols.

This we could know since Jimin and RM showed their love for the series, how did they do it? Now the members of BTS did their own version of something iconic in this K-Drama.

Jimin and RM created their own greeting like in Extraodinary Attorney Woo, this is how they showed their love for this K-Drama

In the most recent Bangtan Bomb that shows us behind J-Hope's party for Jack In The Box, we saw that Jin approached Namjoon and asked him how he should greet the celebrities who would be at the event. RM and Jimin started doing his own version of the greeting we see in the drama 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' with a 'Bang to the Tan to the Jin'.

So definitely the BTS members are watching the K-Drama 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' and we don't blame them, this one is just great don't you think?

 ARMY have found some similar things between BTS and Extraordinary Attorney Woo

ARMY has found some similarities between BTS and Extraordinary Attorney Woo, firstly there is this phrase they said in the Korean drama, but it is very similar to a phrase in Bangtan's song 'N.O'

Similarities of BTS and Extraordinary Attorney Woo | Twitter: @ughseokk

And ARMY also noticed the title of one of the K-Drama's episodes, 'The Pied Pier', which is also the title of a song by Bangtan Sonyeondan.

The Pied Pier | Twitter: @kookiesnkim__

 Keep reading more about BTS and J-Hope's party, here we have more moments of this event that every fan needs to watch!

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