BTS' RM and J-Hope shared a big crush on this American celebrity

BTS' members couldn't help it, and they fell in love with this amazing celebrity from the US, do you know who is their crush?

Once, J-Hope and RM fell in love with the same girl, do you know who it is? We'll tell you how this love story ended!

The members of BTS have been together for a really long time, so it's not a surprise for fans that they share a lot of things in common, hobbies, experiences, moments and many other memories that they've created as a group, these guys have one of the most valuable friendships on K-Pop industry.

For more than 8 years, Bangtan Sonyeondan's idols have been together, this amount of time has made a really strong relationship between the members, and it makes ARMY's heart flutter every time they share some good words or have cute interactions amongst them.

But the talented artists from BTS can share more than time and experiences together, maybe they have a lot of interests in common, like RM and J-Hope, both rappers from the boy band like a lot of things, how was it when they had a crush on the same girl?

Who is J-Hope and RM's celebrity crush?

There was a time when Kim Namjoon and Jung Hoseok from BTS revealed that they fell in love with someone, and it was the same person. They even had this girl as their phone wallpapers, they had a really big crush on her, who was the lucky woman that conquered these guys' heart?

The big RM and J-Hope's crush was Tinashe, an American singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actress who stole both rappers heart thanks to all of her talents, BTS' artists appreciated her work and beauty, that's how they ended up falling in love with her.

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