BTS' Proof is the new album that ARMY will love BTS' Proof is the new album that ARMY will love

BTS' Proof will bring more music for ARMY, get to know everything about this new album

BTS is ready for its comeback and Proof is the name of the K-Pop group's new album, don't miss any details so you have everything ready to listen to it

BTS' long-awaited comeback will be here very soon and ARMY will have new music with 'Proof', the group's next album that promises a lot for fans.

BTS is the most popular K-Pop group in the world. With their songs they have managed to inspire and conquer millions of fans who have made up the great fandom that the idol group has today. This is why many people were waiting for more music from this boy band and really wanted new songs to enjoy.

It's been quite a few months since we had a new song from Bangtan Sonyeondan, and during 2021 they focused much more on English music than Korean comebacks. So many fans still needed what they met Bangtan Boys with and those songs they fell in love with.

The best thing is that we just have to wait a little longer, the long-awaited comeback of the Bangtan Boys is very close. At the end of their concerts in Las Vegas, they released the announcement of the new album that the boy band would release and ARMY could not wait any longer to know the complete details about BTS' new music.

'Proof' will be the new BTS album that ARMY will need in their collection, so here we have all the details for you, don't miss this long-awaited comeback of the idol group.

Everything you need to know about Proof, the new BTS album with more music for ARMY

BTS has already announced more about their comeback, the name of the new album will be 'Proof', it will feature a compilation of songs from the idol group. But not only that, this new release will also have 3 never-before-heard new songs from the idol group. There will be 3 versions of this new Bangtan Sonyeondan album.

Proof is BTS' new album | Twitter: @PurpleTaetaeMX

Pre-sale for 'Proof' starts next May 5 at 11 AM KST, which means it will start tonight for many countries around the world, OMG. It will surely break a pre-sale record, let's hope Weverse doesn't crash.

 When will BTS release their new album Proof?

June 10, 2022 will be the release of BTS' 'Proof', in just over a month it will be when the album premieres on digital platforms and goes on general sale. During the rest of May we will surely have many more teasers that will excite ARMY and all K-Pop fans for this upcoming Bangtan comeback.

 We can't wait for this next Bangtan release anymore, it will be great, those three new songs will have a new power of the group and everyone will enjoy the new BTS music.

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