BTS tries a dark look for Proof BTS tries a dark look for Proof

BTS' Proof has its first concept photos with a dark look on the idols

Are you ready for the BTS comeback? Proof has more teasers to excite us, these are its first concept photos

We are already closer to BTS's comeback with 'Proof' and the idol group has shared the first concept photos for this new album.

After the long wait, BTS will finally have a new comeback. It will be something simply great, as the idol group created an anthology that will take us to revisit many of the songs they released in the past. All of these have a special meaning for the members, as told on 'Proof Of Inspiration'.

But they are also extremely special tracks for ARMYs, a lot of these Bangtan Sonyeondan songs have become classics for their fandom, the ones that everyone listens to and have also had wide commercial success even among those who are just casual listeners.

But 'Proof' will not only take us to the past with the compilation of Bangtan Boys songs, we will also have the present and a bit of the future of the boy band with 3 new songs that the idols have worked on to show their fans and their friends. everyone who is given a chance to listen to them.

And there is more of 'Proof' that we can have with the new concept photos that the idol group has released, are you ready for this new album? BTS will be stronger than ever.

BTS tries a dark look in its first concept photos for Proof

The color black predominates in the new concept photos of 'Proof', the members of BTS are wearing clothes of that color, they are in a type of silver-colored target shooting and it seems that many bullets or shots have touched its surface, but of course the idols are up front and strong on this set.


RM in Proof's conceptual photo | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC


Suga in Proof's conceptual photo | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC


J-Hope in Proof's conceptual photo | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC


Jin in Proof's conceptual photo | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC


Jimin in Proof's conceptual photo | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC


Taehyung in Proof's conceptual photo | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC


Jungkook in Proof's conceptual photo | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

When will BTS' Proof come out?

BTS' 'Proof' is coming out on next June 10, 2022, ARMY is ready for this but the K-Pop group still has some surprises befor its release, so let's keep tunned to get to know more about this album before we get to listen to it in its enterity.

We're ready for BTS comeback | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

ARMY is truly excited for this comeback, we can't wait no more for 'Proof' and we know it'll be amazing, the new songs are going to be just great.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you how Pdogg said that they're the most special group he has produced for. 

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