BTS is ready for Proof with its activity schedule BTS is ready for Proof with its activity schedule

BTS' Proof has its activity schedule, what will happen before its release?

BTS' next comeback with Proof is already fully planned and its schedule of activities excites ARMY

Proof and BTS are already turning ARMY upside down and the long-awaited comeback of the idol group will have many activities before its release, do you have everything ready?

The comeback that BTS will have very soon will be quite strong, we know it well because since the last one the boy band had, their fandom has grown exponentially. Also, Bangtan already has a lot of cool surprises in store for their fans for this upcoming album.

Bangtan Sonyeondan has already announced everything that will be contained in 'Proof', the name of their upcoming anthology album which will also have 3 new songs. The presale of this album has already started and in the preview we saw photobooks, postcards and photocards that even in black and white promise to be a highlight in the ARMY collection.

The wait for 'Proof' is less and less, this new Bangtan Boys album will arrive in June, but meanwhile we will have many teasers, previews and others that will generate great expectations around the next comeback of this K-Pop group. Fans really can't imagine what's coming soon.

And 'Proof' already has its calendar of activities, the comeback that BTS will have is really planned and we already know everything that we will have before its release. Do not forget to write down all these dates in your diary.

BTS releases activity schedule for 'Proof', the group will thrill us with all these teasers

BTS has revealed the activity schedule for their comeback with 'Proof', everything will start on May 9 when the tracklist of this new album will begin to be discovered. Then we'll go through concept photos, teasers and even something secret that for now we can only identify with '???' but that will surely be a surprise for ARMY.

BTS' Proof promotion schedule | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

'Proof' premieres on June 10, so I don't know if ARMY is really ready for this spiral of emotions that will be experienced starting Monday when the teasers begin. OMG, it's real! BTS' comeback is really close. 

BTS is already in the era of Proof and ARMY could not be more excited

We all know that the era of Proof is already here, and if you don't believe it, check out BTS' layout, everything is already filled with the theme of this upcoming album. The idol group is really ready for this upcoming comeback and ARMY can't handle the excitement. There is great expectation for this amazing comeback.

BTS new Proof layout | Twitter: @BTS_twt

Very good, because we will be very attentive to all the teasers and advances that BTS gives us for 'Proof', we can not wait for the new music of the idol group that will surely be phenomenal.

Keep reading more about BTS and Proof, here we tell you everything about 'Yet To Come' which will be the comeback's lead single. 

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