BTS achieved a new record on cinema with Permission To Dance On Stage BTS achieved a new record on cinema with Permission To Dance On Stage

BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage conquered worldwide cinema with this record

There is no doubt that BTS's Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul broadcast at the cinema was a success and broke amazing records

BTS once again proves its great power internationally with a new record for the streaming of Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul in theaters around the world, this is how the boy band conquered the boy band every box office.

BTS fans never fail to show their support and love for this K-Pop group. The great success of Bangtan has been possible in large part due to the work of its great fandom, this has been increasing over the years and extends internationally. There is no place where there is not at least one fan of the idol group.

This is why with every release, collaboration, project, and more that Bangtan Sonyeondan is involved in, it becomes a smash hit. ARMY has placed BTS at the top of the global music industry and not only support them when it comes to music. Awards, collaborations with brands, projects, good causes, everything that the Bangtan Boys do will be well received and turned into a feat by their fans.

And with their new concerts it has not been the exception, each date that BTS has announced, whether in the US or in South Korea, has been sold out in minutes. The best thing is that Bangtan loves to share their shows with the world and has streamed most of their concerts online. But for Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul they went further and brought it to the big screen.

BTS streamed one of its dates in Korea through theaters around the world, conquering the box office once again, as there have already been productions screened in cinemas before. PTD On Stage In Seoul completely took over the cinema and achieved an essential record.

BTS achieves a new record with Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul which became the highest grossing worlwide cinema release

Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul and its broadcast in theaters around the world brought in $32.6 million at the box office. Ticket sales were extremely staggering, reaching a total of 75 countries in 3,711 theaters across the planet. This is how ARMY flooded the theaters of its countries to be able to see their favorite K-Pop group.

BTS and PTD On Stage In Seoul were successful on cinema | Twitter: @btschartdata

Honestly, did anyone expect less? There is no doubt that BTS has incredible power in any project and that ARMY would fully support this broadcast in the cinema to see their favorite group on the big screen with a great concert.

 Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul is also the highest-grossing live cinema event of all time

According to movie screening categorizations, BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage also became the highest-grossing live cinema event of all time. Making this a historic event for both the cinema and for BTS and their fans. It's a simply amazing feat and it's all thanks to the love and support of ARMY.

BTS triumphed with PTD On Stage | Twitter: @charts_k

The power of BTS has reached the cinema and surely in the future they will break more records as amazing as this one, because they continue to have all the love of ARMY.

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