Jungkook released a new song for ARMY Jungkook released a new song for ARMY

BTS' Jungkook surprises ARMY with My You, a new song with a cute message

Jungkook just released a new song, 'My You' has a beautiful message for BTS fans

BTS is celebrating FESTA 2022 and Jungkook joined the party with 'My You', a new special song for ARMY, you're gonna love this track.

Like every year, June becomes the month of BTS and more because they have celebrated FESTA, a special festival to celebrate the anniversary of the idol group. This 2022 marks 9 years since Bangtan's debut and everyone is celebrating it in a big way, it's just great and amazing.

Apart from Bangtan Sonyeondan's glorious comeback with 'Proof' and their upcoming performance with 'Yet To Come' in front of 4,000 ARMYs, the idol group still has a lot of surprises for their fans. 2022 FESTA is also something that ARMY has in mind, as it is the great celebration of Bangtan.

Last year for FESTA, Bangtan Boys prepared quite a few things for their fans and we still can't get over last year's MUSTER which was online, but surely this year it will be held in person and its announcement is about to come. . How exciting is the month of BTS!

But without getting ahead of ourselves, today Jungkook surprised ARMY with a very special new song. BTS' maknae released 'My You', a beautiful song with a special message for all fans.

Jungkook releases My You as part of 2022 FESTA, a beautiful new song dedicated to ARMY

Through BANGTANTV's YouTube channel, Jungkook released the song 'My You', a beautiful new track with English and Korean lyrics. The MV is also very cute and has the lyrics of the song that are shown as JK sings them. It's a super sweet video and the melody is great as well as the instrumental part.

This track was advertised as 'Song for ARMY' in the 2022 FESTA activity calendar. So it's a pleasant surprise that the BTS fandom was already waiting for. It really is a super beautiful track, we love everything about this new song.

 What else remains to be seen from 2022 FESTA?

No other activities for BTS' 2022 FESTA appear on the calendar, but we are sure that MUSTER will be announced soon, it is a fan with annual Bangtan Sonyeondan that will surely have an in-person audience again. ARMY is also waiting for a world tour that reaches countries like Japan, Spain, Mexico, the United States and more.

Activities for 2022 FESTA might be over now | Twitter: @modooborahae

We are sure that BTS has a lot of surprises to reveal, so we will just keep an eye on everything that the idol group releases.

Keep reading more about BTS and its 9th anniversary celebration, ARMY prepared a lot of projects that took over Korea to celebrate. 

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