Jungkook for 'Proof' Jungkook for 'Proof'

BTS' Jungkook solo song 'Still With You' turns 2 years and ARMY celebrates with a sweet action

The beautiful son "Still With You" is turning 2 years old. The fans are celebrating BTS' Jungkook with awesome action.

Jungkook, the main vocalist of BTS, has been working a lot to process and write his own songs. The Idol has participated in some of the songs of the group. However, his solo projects have conquered the heart of the fans because of their sensibility.

the youngest of Bangtan is pretty famous for his unbelievable charisma on stage. His passion for music is pretty obvious when Jungkook is performing the energetic choreographies of the group.

'Still With You' cover / Twitter @BangtarmyTeam

On the other hand, ARMY is in love with the softest and sweet facet of the Idol. His warm voice fits perfectly with ballads such as "Still With You".

This beautiful song is one of the favorites of the fans. Don't you believe us? Just check how the fandom is celebrating the second anniversary since its release.

ARMY celebrates the second anniversary of Jungkook's "Still With You"

BTS' Jungkook dropped "Still With You" in 2020. This track explores the bittersweet moments of a couple that is breaking up. ARMY is celebrating the second anniversary of its release on SoundCloud.

Jungkook from BTS / Twitter @Janejikookmin

On June 4th the hashtag #2YearsWithStillWithYou was on the Twitter global trends. In addition, the biggest Korean organization to protect the animals Korean Animal Welfare Association revealed that ARMY donated more than 220 thousand wons.

This donation has the purpose of taking care of abandoned and abused animals. At the same time, it honors the positive influence of Jungkook on the fans. ARMY is really sweet!

What other good cause you'd support mto honored BTS?

ARMY is always considerate. Check here what the fandom is doing to protect the upcoming BTS album "Proof".

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