BTS' Jungkook on Vlive BTS' Jungkook on Vlive

BTS' Jungkook reveals the reason why he deleted all his posts on Instagram

ARMY was worried after Jungkook delete all his photos on Instagram. The youngest of BTS is finally confessing the reason behind it.

The biggest boy band in the world is also a powerful influencer. Recently, was revealed that all the members of BTS have high economic valued accounts on Instagram. Internet is an important key to the group becoming a monster of the global industry.

Social media is the best way for the Idols to communicate with fanatics from all nationalities. Through posts on Twitter, Weverse, or Instagram the public can be in touch with the members and see how they spend their free time or their best moments on stage.

BTS members / Twitter @caarlamoontoya

A few days ago Jungkook shocked ARMY when suddenly he deleted all his posts on Instagram. At the moment, his personal account has more than 40.9 million followers. Fans were wondering why he did it. Finally, he has confessed the reason for his action.

BTS' Jungkook talks about his new era on Instagram

On June 7th Jungkook of BTS was on live broadcasting via Vlive. The singer had a good time talking with the fans about various topics. As usual, the viewers were sending him questions and the Idol was happy to answer ARMY's comments.

Jungkook on Vlive / Twitter @kim_042002

Eventually, a fan asked him about the reason to delete everything on his Instagram account. Since this action made the fans worried Jungkook got this straight.

There is no reason.

Everybody! is not because something happened

The singer explained that now he is looking for a new vibe or mood on his Instagram. His most recent posts have a concept in common. Jungkook is trying to have a more beautiful feed.

His confession is making the fans relieved about this issue. Apparently, there is no problem at all. ARMY is also laughing about it, they were worried for nothing.

BTS has too many surprises for their comeback with "Proof". We have all the information for you.

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