Jungkook improved his arm's tattoos Jungkook improved his arm's tattoos

BTS' Jungkook remastered some of his arm tattoos, what do they look like now?

Jungkook's tattoo artist revealed the cover-ups and changes he made to the BTS idol's tattoos on his arm

ARMY loves the tattoos that Jungkook has on his arm, but for him it was time for a change so he covered some and remastered others. What does BTS's maknae's arm look like now?

Now, all the members of BTS have tattoos, this is because they all now share a tattoo of friendship, the number '7' on one part of the body. But the one who has the most tattoos is Jeon Jungkook, the maknae of the group was the first to reveal the ink that he wore on his skin.

Jungkook has tattoos on his hand, arm and now also behind his ear. Each design that this idol of Bangtan Sonyeondan wears on his body has a meaning, the BTS logo, the word ARMY, a microphone and more that recount his life as an artist and the path he chose as a singer.

ARMY loves each of JK's tattoos and although at first he couldn't wear them freely due to the censorship that exists around them in Korea, for a while now he has been able to show them with more confidence and without fear of being judged for having them.

And Jungkook decided to improve some of the tattoos on his arm, his tattoo artist did some cover up work for the BTS idol and now his tattoos look different.

Jungkook covered up some of his tattoos and modified others on his arm, how do they look now?

Jungkook decided to cover up some of his arm tattoos, as well as enhance others he had. His tattoo artist wrote about the session they had in which they not only worked on the ideas they had together, but also had a long talk. JK thanked the tattoo artist for saving his arm, how much did he modify it? Here we have the before and after of his tattoos.

Before and after Jungkook done his voer up | Twitter: @jjksceo

We really love the changes, now Jungkook's arm looks much more colorful, among the tattoos he covered is the eye he had and a tiger. He now has new beautiful tattoos and some others look much prettier with color added, don't you think?

Jungkook left a message for his tattoo artist after his session 

Jungkook's tattoo artist showed a lot about the session they had to improve those JK tattoos on his arm, they both took a picture and the idol also left a message for the tattoo artist after his hard work and all the improvements he left on the Jungkook's arm

Thank you so much for saving my arm... <3 Please look after me in the future too !

Jungkook and his tattoo artist | Instagram: @polyc_sj

We truly believe that the changes in Jungkook's arm look beautiful, the color and the new tattoos have a new meaning for the BTS idol and that's what matters most here.

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