Jungkook's true personality is just great Jungkook's true personality is just great

BTS' Jungkook personality is the most authentic one and here's the reason why

What is Jungkook's true personality like? An employee who worked with BTS revealed the most authentic traits of the Golden Maknae

Jungkook has not only conquered the world with his talents, he has also did it with his personality that is simply unique and authentic and this story of someone who worked with him and the other members of BTS is a great proof.

The members of BTS have stolen the hearts of millions of fans around the world, thanks to their talents as singers, rappers and dancers, they have managed to get all the attention of the fans who have formed one of the biggest fabases in the whole world. But we can also admire many more things about these artists.

Like Jungkook, Bangtan Sonyeondan's maknae who has impressed his fans with all his talents as a singer, is a complete artist and even with his hidden skills and hobbies he makes ARMY fall in love with him a little more. Since JK enjoys painting and drawing and has good skills to do so.

Another characteristic that we can highlight about Jeon Jungkook is his beauty, he is a quite handsome idol who draws the attention of many people with his visuals. His presence and essence are attractive to a lot of fans who can't help it and quickly choose him as their Bangtan bias.

But something very important about Jungkook is his personality, this artist has a very unique and cool way of being, ARMY has proven it many times. But so have the people who live with him, like this worker who revealed how his experience with the BTS member was.

Jungkook has an authentic personality, this is how it is to work with the idol of BTS

A member of the BTS staff talked about Jungkook and his personality, what is the way of being of this artist? The employee said that JK is quite curious, he always asks questions and likes to be explained about everything paying close attention. He also said that Kookie is quite calm and not demanding.

Jungkook's true personality | Twitter: @bangtinyboyys

The employee also revealed that they left him a stack of Jungkook's papers to autograph, he confesses that many artists only sign the first sheet, but JK signed all of them without asking, so everyone got his autograph.

The staff also revealed what Jungkook's beauty looks like in person

Although we always see the members of BTS very handsome in photographs, many times it has been proven that the camera does not do them justice and that they are actually more beautiful than in photos. The staff revealed that Jungkook is really skinny but muscular and has sharp features. That's the beauty of it when you see it in person.

Jungkook's true beauty | Instagram: @jungkook.97

Now you know how Jungkook's personality and beauty is in person, he is someone very good with those around him, even if they are members of his staff.

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