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BTS' Jungkook makes the Internet crazy with his new hairstyle

Is BTS' Jungkook the king of social media? His new haircut is creating an insane reaction of the fantics all  over the world. This is what happend.

Nowadays the impact of a public figure is reflected on social media. Some of the most powerful people around the world are those who have a big influence via an account on a digital platform. As we can expect, celebrities, artists and musicians are at the top of this list.

Of course, the biggest band in the world is constantly showing its massive impact on the Internet. If you don't believe us, just check the number on BTS official accounts. Those have millions of followers for all of them.

BTS members / By @Earmybagtanboys

A few weeks ago it was revealed that V has the Instagram account with the highest economical value. Meanwhile Jungkook is  taking control of Twitter and TikTok. Even his little habits can make the internet crazy. This is what his new hairstyle caused on social media.

Jungkook is on global Twitter trends after showing a new haircut

On May 16th the Korean company Coway revealed a new ad in collaboration with BTS. The group has been promoting the product of this brand for a couple of years.

All the members were looking pretty good wearing white suits. However, Jungkook caught ARMY's attention with his mullet haircut. The fanatics are not sure if he was using hair extensions but that is not enough to stop them from celebrating how handsome the singer looks.

Jungkook for Coway ad / By @likabunny37

Almost immediately the name of the youngest  of the group and the phrase Jungkook's mullet were reaching the global trends on Twitter. Apparently the reactions of the fans are mostly positive.

Trends on Twitter / By @JeonsOST

Honestly, the handsome singer can use whatever hairstyle he wants to  try. At the end of the day he is gorgeous. Even if he doesn't notice, he is ruling social media right now.

Jungkook is the most popular celebrity on TikTok. Read this article to know how powerful he and his dog are on this platform.

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