Junkook at the Grammys Junkook at the Grammys

BTS' Jungkook is flirting with an ARMY while everyone is watching

The maknae of BTS is making their fans crazy. The romantic interactions with Army are all over the internet.

The biggest fan-base of the world, Army, is well known for their close relationship with their artist, BTS. The Idols present an habitual sweet behavior to treat fans. Even if Army is used to it, there are some specific moments that are considered a direct heart attack.

Last week, the youngest member of the K-Pop band, Jungkook, spent some time by himself locked at the hotel room due to his quarantine. His recovery time was full of playful dynamics with the fans via social media.

Jungkook in 'Euphoria' music video / By @mygxthv

No matter how much accustomed the fanatics are, the latest Jungkook live stream is more flirty than usual. The artist is creating a romantic and intimate mood during his late-night talks with. 

Jungkook as the ultimate boyfriend material

BTS is staying in Las Vegas during the preparations for their concert Permission To Dance On Stage. On April 5th Jungkook took social media to have a live broadcast and chat with Army.

From the beginning the fans could notice a great mood. With lowlights and smooth music the idol was reading the comments. A particular message kept the viewers attention.

Jungkook in live broadcast / By @eternalsjeon

"Oppa, can you be my boyfriend for just 5 seconds". With a flirty facial expression the singer gave an interesting response that made the fans meltdown:

"Do you want me? Try and get me".

He is not the only one who put a lot of effort trying to conquer Army's hearts. In recent days V's Instagram account is full of affection for his fans, and sometimes, why not?, invitations to see the stars together.

Tell us, have you already fallen for the guys?

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