Jungkook appeared on Disney with this character inspired on him Jungkook appeared on Disney with this character inspired on him

BTS' Jungkook inspired a Disney character you may not have noticed

Did you know that in the Disney series 'The Owl House' there is a character inspired by Jungkook? There you can find this member of BTS

BTS is everywhere, even in our favorite Disney series, in one of them we will find a character inspired by Jungkook, have you ever noticed?

BTS has a lot of fans all over the world and all of them are inspired and motivated by the idol group every day. Bangtan's story is great as are their songs which really brighten up the days of their huge fandom. And in this we will find an infinity of people.

ARMY is full of people of all ages, nationalities, occupations and more. To admire Bangtan Sonyeondan there are no limitations and this K-Pop group has managed to conquer a lot of fans, even other artists, actors and others who have confessed to being part of the fandom.

So it is common to find the Bangtan Boys everywhere, the group has gone from being a reference in Korea to something that is already part of the general culture globally. This is why we can now find many references to Bangtan and its members in various places.

This time we find Jungkook in a Disney series, the BTS idol inspired the creators of this cartoon to create a character, who is it?

Jungkook inspired the creators of Disney's The Owl House, this character is like the BTS Idol

Bo Coburn, director and storyboard artist of 'The Owl House' said that he was inspired by Jungkook to create one of the characters that appears in this Disney animated series. So you can find this member of BTS within the cartoon that is about a world full of fantasy.

Jungkook isnpired this Disney character | Twitter: @Jungkook_SNS

Have you already noticed this character inspired by Jungkook? We can't believe he was there and we missed it. Now ARMY will have more reasons to watch 'The Owl House'.

Other idols also appeared in The Owl House

 Apart from Jungkook, there were also other characters from 'The Owl House' who were inspired by idols, there is one based on Taemin, another on G-Dragon and a girl inspired on Jessi, have you noticed them yet? Bo Coburn tagged everyone on his Instagram Story to show them off.

More idols in The Owl House | Instagram: @bobo_doodles

 Bo Coburn must be a big fan of K-Pop and this is how she was able to add some of her favorite idols to the great Disney universe, can you imagine a spin-off of The Owl House with only characters inspired by K-Pop artists? ? It would be great!

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