Jungkook's cute habit Jungkook's cute habit

BTS' Jungkook has this funny habit that highlights everywhere he goes

ARMY has noticed that there is something that Jungkook always does no matter which side he goes, what is this BTS maknae habit about?

Fans are always watching BTS and notice everything the group members do. Like Jungkook, who has a funny habit that ARMYs have noticed.

BTS has one of the biggest fandoms in the world, the idol group is really recognized everywhere on the planet and there is no place where we can't find at least someone who knows Bangtan. The fame and popularity of this K-Pop group is simply amazing.

Among the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan we find Jungkook, he is the maknae of the group as he is the youngest idol. He has conquered millions of fans with his beautiful voice and great way of dancing. But that's not all we can admire about this amazing Korean artist.

Jeon Jungkook also has a great and fun personality, he is dynamic, spontaneous, but also very intelligent, kind, attentive and extremely funny. It is well known that he has many jokes for his Bangtan hyungs. He is just someone very unique.

JK has a habit that ARMY has noticed for a long time, it is something funny that has been seen in the many extra content that BTS releases for its fans, what is this idol habit about?

Jungkook and his cute habit of wanting to take everything he finds home

In various videos, variety shows, reality shows and more in which BTS has participated, we have been able to realize that Jungkook has a cute habit. He wants to take home everything that he finds on his way during those times. ARMY realized that he always says: 'I'll take this home' 'I want to take this home'. LOL.

Jungkook's cute habit | Twitter: @braveyOOki

Jungkook even wanted to take a fridge home since it was a Samsung, LOL.

Jungkook wanted to take this fridge home | Twitter: @braveyOOki

 And he didn't just wanted to, Jungkook actually took a frying pan home, LOL.

The frying pan Jungkook took | Twitter: @braveyOOki

ARMY found many other cute habits of Jungkook

There are many other cute habits of Jungkook like talking in pout, zoning out, clapping while laughing and more that really make him unique, here is a small compilation of these, have you noticed them? JK is definitely someone super cute.


Now you know more about Jungkook's sweet habits that you can see every time you see him in some new BTS content.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, the group released the second tracklist for Proof, their next album which will have great songs.

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