Jungkook at the Grammys Jungkook at the Grammys

BTS' Jungkook has been harassed during Live Broadcast, ARMY is worried

Sasaengs have been perturbing Jungkook on live broadcast. Army minifesting concern and anger about it.

The fanbase of BTS, Army, is massive. People from all over the world are joining every single day to the purple fandom. The close relationship between Bangtan and Army is possible thanks to the continuous interactions through social media.

The members of this iconic boy-band are always showing love to their fans while keeping in contact with each other. However, the idols sometimes get into some bitter situations because of the sasaengs, those stalkers who claim themselves as fans. In this case Jungkook couldn't avoid them.

Jungkook of BTS / By @cuttevante

Jungkook is sacared of the sasaengs

As a surprise event for Army, On April 5th (KST), Jungkook did a live broadcast. The youngest of BTS was having a good time sharing TMI (To Much Information) and answering fan questions.

In the middle of the Idol’s streaming, he got a call at his hotel room. He tried to pick up but nobody answered. The telephone kept ringing, every time with the same result. At this point Jungkook thought it was a prank-call.

Jungkook on live broadcast / By @lzJennie19

Eventually, the main vocalist of BTS, showed his concern about it. "I'm getting goosebumps" Just like a horror movie, the sound of the calls were scary, the idol said he didn’t like it. Then, the artist faced the stalker:

Who are you? Don’t do it. I don’t like the ringing sound.

Jungkook reaction to sasaeng / By @lzJennie19

The serious moment obligated the idol to show the phone to the camera. At the end, the staff of the K-Pop band took the phone away to check the calls. Immediately the Army went on the social media to manifest their concern. The phrases “Leave Him Alone” and “sasaeng” were trending on Twitter.

Sasaengs are a big concern in K-Pop

Nowadays it is pretty common for K-pop idols to talk about these annoying situations. Stalkers calling the artists during live broadcast is a expirece seen before.

Taeyong of NCT and Wooyoung from Ateez, unfortunately have been in that place. On the other hand, too many fan-bases are asking the companies for better security protocols.

What do you think about these “fanatics”?

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