Jungkook loves ARMY Jungkook loves ARMY

BTS' Jungkook gives ARMY the most important message, this is what matters for him

BTS members are really grateful to ARMY, what message did Jungkook once give to his fans?

The relationship between BTS and ARMY is great, that is why the idols of the group have the best wishes for their fans and this is Jungkook's, with a message he revealed what he wants for his fandom.

The great success and fame of BTS is a team effort, or should we say two, because one is what they do between the members of the group who put their all to shine together and stand out. The second is the team that the boy band makes with their great fandom that always supports them and shows their love.

ARMY is the fanbase that is dedicated to always being there for Bangtan Sonyeondan and its members. It is remarkable how big this fan club is that is spread all over the world. We are sure that there is no country where Bantan is not known to exist.

This is why the Bangtan Boys always try to show that the love they receive from ARMY is reciprocated. As much as fans love idols, they love their fandom. It might be hard to express your love to millions of people, but it's real enough for both of them.

Once, Jungkook expressed an important message for ARMY, it was something with very few words but it really means a lot to both the BTS idol and his fans.

What is Jungkook's wish for ARMY?

Jeon Jungkook is the maknae of BTS, this member is someone great and very cute, sweet with his fans. He once expressed a lot in a letter for his fans but we are left with some very important words that express the wish that JK has for his fans.

ARMY. No matter what, be happy, okay?


During the reading of his letter, JK was quite sentimental and we understand that as he really expressed his feelings for his fans in this very special letter.

Jungkook always wants to express his love for ARMY

There are many ways in which Jungkook expresses his love for ARMY, be it with words, with actions at concerts or when he can socialize with his fans and more. But also, no matter what she has on hand, she will make a little heart for her fans at any time.

Jungkook's hearts for ARMY | Twitter: @Lavende03

Aww! Jungkook is super cute with his fans, he really loves ARMY and there will be nothing to separate the BTS fandom ever.

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