Jungkook's pet, Gureum, passed away Jungkook's pet, Gureum, passed away

BTS' Jungkook farewells his pet, ARMY mourns Guerum's departure

Sadly, Jungkook's pet is gone forever, Guerum passed away today and fans will never forget about him

Pets bring joy and happiness for humans and it's the same for BTS members, Jungkook had a cute little dog that ressembled a cloud and now Guerum flies to the sky, leaving the idol behind.

We get to know the cutest side of the members of BTS when they share moments with their pets. These idols share their lives with their furry companions that ARMY knows very well, many of them have even been recognized by fans on the streets of South Korea.

It has been some time since Jungkook introduced his pets, the first one was Gureum, a very small white Maltese bichon that made us think of a cloud every time we saw him next to the idol. JK was very inspired by his puppy and even drew it and showed the results to ARMY.

The second pet that Jeon Jungkook showed his fans was Bam, who appeared in 'BTS In The Soop 2', a big brown Doberman who is extremely affectionate, cuddly, and quite cute. Bangtan Sonyeondan's Golden Maknae showed many moments with his two pets.

A few months ago, in October 2021, JK revealed that Gureum had gone blind. This due to its age because it is an older dog, Jungkook couldn't share a lot of time with his puppy lately because it lived with the parents and the brother of the BTS idol. But now we know that Gureum left for a better life.

Jungkook's pet passed away, Gureum left for a better life

Jungkook's brother posted on his Instagram Stories about Gureum, he said that the pet passed away with a little and meaningful text, it had a background full of clouds just as the little dog ressembled those ones. ARMY is really sad to hear about the pet's departure.

You crossed the rainbow bridge and became another cloud in the sky

Jungkook's brother post about Guerum's death | Twitter: @miniminisoul

It's really sad to hear about this, but we're sure that Gureum had a happy life with Jungkook and his family, he'll be better now, he won't suffer anymore and he's resting in the sky as a cloud.

Get to know more about Jungkook's Gureum this was his little pet

As it was said before, was a white Maltese Bichon, his wavy and fluffy fur made him look like a cloud, in fact that's why he had that name since JK used the word in Korean to name him. There were many moments that Jungkook shared with Gureum and sometimes he drew him, the idol would always mention him in interviews and he looked happy with his cute pet. 

This was Gureum | Twitter: @odetonamu

Gureum was too cute, here's one of Jungkook's drawings inspired by his cute little dog :') <3.

Gureum's drawing | Twitter: @cesstwt_

 May Gureum rest in peace, ARMY is sending the best messages for Jungkook through social media since the idol might feel sad now that his pet is gone forever.

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