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BTS' Jungkook confess his true 'Euphoria' in new 'Proof Of Inspiration' video

The members of BTS worked to compile the best of their music for the upcoming album "Proof". Why did Jungkook choose "Euphoria" and "Dimple"? This is what he said.

Of course everyone already has listened to the greatest hits of BTS. their most recent singles were a global sensation. "Butter", "Dynamite" and "Permission to Dance" make the world dance with these addictive beats.

However, these talented artists have been releasing songs that explore the most honest version of themselves. ARMY connected with the members thanks to this tracks that show their fears, joys and hardships.

BTS members / By @archive_purple

Some of these meaningful tracks will be included in the upcoming album "Proof". If you are a newbie in the Bangtan world and you haven't heard about these songs, don't worry, the group is explaining everything. This time Jungkook is revealing how he chose his songs.

New 'Proof Of Inspiration' video starring Jungkook

On May 19 HYBE dropped a new video of the series "Proof Of Inspiration". Here we can listen to Jungkook thoughts about "Euphoria" and "Dimple", his pick to be included in "Proof". The idol revealed that the happiest moment of his life is when he is performing next  to BTS.

I'm alway happy when I'm on stage and I'm glad there are people who become happy seeing me on stage.

Every single day I am thankful and I enjoy myself.

Jungkook from BTS / By @x7Moonlightsx

The youngest of the group explained that he loves to create a connection with ARMY while he sings. During BTS concerts of course the public is smiling because of the show. So "Dimple" has also a great meaning for the Idol.

Me happily making music while watching ARMY, and your smiles as you watch me, these are my proofs.

Jungkook is really passionate about his performances and now he has revealed the reason for it. ARMY, you shouldn't forget to smile for Jungkook. Here the full video.

Jimin's message with "Proof Of Inspiration" was really sweet as well. Check this article, it has all the details for you.

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