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BTS' Jungkook and his dog Bam are conquering TikTok

BTS' popularity is massive. As it was expected, their pets are really famous as well.  Jungkook's dog is the animal king of TikTok.

All the members of BTS really enjoy the company of their furry friends. No matter if it is a dog, cat or sugar glider they singers seems to be really happy if there is a cute animal next to them.

Most of them have pets and these animals are popular almost as much as their owners are. The Internet get crazy every time the singers of "Boy With Luv" post on social media a new pictures of they pets.

According to Wikipedia, Jungkook's pet, Jeon Bam is one of the most famous doberman dog or the world. Now TikTok is confirming this information. Bam's videos are conquering the world.

Jungkook from BTS / By @jungkooktrends

Jungkook's dog is the most viewed animal on TikTok

The hashtag #jeonbam has surpassed more than 100 million views on the popular platform TikTok. It got more than 10 million views in less than 24 hours. During its first 8 days it got 25 million views. The individual popularity of Jungkook is not a joke, the Idol has the most viewed hashtag with 119 billion views on TikTok.

Jungkook and his dog Bam / BY @jungkooktrends

His videos on this platform include different aspects of the youngest of BTS: his charisma on stage, his natural cuteness, his playful behavior, and, of course his love for his pets. The fanatics are really happy to see the devotion of the singer to take care of the animals.

During the show "BTS In The Soop" we saw how Jungkook takes his assignment as a dog owner seriously. He wakes up early to feed Bam at the  correct time. After breakfast he cleaned Bam's teeth. The Idol worked really hard to train his dog as well.

Jungkook taking care of Bam / By @igntetheheavens

Bam is a Doberman, a breed that usually cuts the tail and the ears in order to create the fierce image of the animal. However, Jungkook decided not to do it. Animals protection organizations in Korea praised the singer for his decision.

Jungkook himself is a positive influence to the people all over the world showing compromise to take care of the animals. ARMY, do you like Bam's TikToks?

BTS really loves animals, check here how Suga celebrated Holy's birthday.

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