Jungkook and Pink Sweat$ Jungkook and Pink Sweat$

BTS' Jungkook and Pink Sweat$ shared some time together, how did they meet?

BTS is always making new friends with the hottest global celebrities. Jungkook has a good time in the company of Pink Sweat$. This is the story.

How did e biggest boy groups in the world get so famous? Of course, the music, the flawless performance and the good looking singers were factors really important in BTS's journey to conquer the global industry.

At the same time, ARMY got engaged with the group after seeing the most real side members. These talented artists have also adorable personalities that can make you fall for them pretty easily. That's what they do, collecting hearts.

BTS members / By @dalbitbangtan

The group has too many fans among the most famous celebrities around the globe as well. Eventually, the singers of "Permission To Dance" will make good friendships with these people. Apparently, Jungkook has a new friend. Do you want to know who is he?

BTS' Jungkook and Pink Sweat$ have a good time at the Seoul Jazz Concert

On May 27 the singer Pink Sweat$ posted on his TikTok account a video where we can see that Jungkook from BTS was next to him having a good time. The songwriter performed at the Seoul Jazz Concert that day.

Pink Sweat$ at the Seoul Jazz Concert / By @jksfIeur

In the short but fun video, we can see how both of them were dancing together. It seems like they are comfortable with each other. Eventually, Pink Sweat$ ended up following JUngkook on Instagram. New friendship confirmed!

Pink Sweat$' TikTok / By @YohanaDeLaRosa7

The youngest of BTS was enjoying and singing as part of the audience of the concert. During the event, Jungkook was recognized by a fan. She asked for an autograph he accepted. Such a lucky fan!

Jungkook with a fan / By @coversuga

Now the Internet is getting crazy while asking for a collab between these talented singers. ARMY do you want to see BTS next to Pink Sweat$ on stage?

Read hres what this producer said about J-Hope. He just has praises for the rapper.

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