Jin wins with Yours at TTA awards Jin wins with Yours at TTA awards

BTS' Jin wins with Yours all these awards as Best K-Drama OST Artist at the TTAs

At the TTAs Jin from BTS was awarded for his OST 'Yours' with two plaques and something else thanks to his fans

With 'Yours', Jin conquered the world and has been named as 'Best K-Drama OST Artist' and will receive some awards thanks also to the preference of his fans.

BTS members work hard on each of their songs and performances. This idol group has extremely talented idols who combine their musical skills very well to create a perfect formula that ARMY really loves. Among the artists of this band we find Kim Seokjin.

Jin is the vocalist of Bangtan Sonyeondan, his sweet voice and various ranges give each Bangtan track a special touch. But Seokjin has not only captivated us with her parts in idol group songs. She has also worked solo, for some songs of the band and also in OST of K-Dramas.

In 2021, Seokjin worked on 'Yours', a special song for the K-Drama 'Jirisan'. Since the premiere of this track, ARMY showed all their support for the Bangtan idol and this new song was a trend, in addition to reaching the top of a lot of charts worldwide. Its MV has also been filled with views and likes.

And this time, Jin has been proclaimed as the best K-Drama OST artist by the TTA Awards, he will receive two plaques and also a very special donation in his name.

Jin wins with Yours at the TTA Awards and will receive these plaques and a special donation

Jin will receive two plaques at the TTA for 'Yours', the idol will have the title of 'Best K-Drama OST Artist' in Mexico and Global thanks to the support of all his fans. A donation will also be made under Jin's name to help Ukrainian war refugees. The awards have already shown the plaques that will be sent to the idol of BTS.

Jin will receive this plaque | Twitter: @JinBase_

They also showed everything about the  donation under Jin's name.

Jin's donation | Twitter: @JinBase_

Jin's Yours also received the award for Best OST of the Year 2021 at the Hallyu Talk Awards

The Hallyu Talk Awards also awarded Jin for Yours and in this award he received the title of Best OST of the Year 2021 thanks to the idol's work for the K-Drama Jirisan that a lot of fans loved seeing and hearing Jin's beautiful voice Jin in this amazing series.

Yours at the Hallyu Talk Awards  | Twitter: @theJinBuzz

Yours is a simply amazing song, Jin's voice shines in this amazing track that set this series to good music.

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