Your wedding will have the perfect song if you choose one from Jin Your wedding will have the perfect song if you choose one from Jin

BTS' Jin will add more emotion to your wedding with his beautiful songs

Surely ARMY would love to have a BTS song for their wedding day and Jin gives his fandom his beautiful voice for this special day.

Together with his bandmates and as a solo artist, Jin of BTS proves that he has an angelic voice that could give you the most perfect song for your wedding day.

The members of BTS are not only limited to performing their songs, they have an active participation in creating them. As writers, composers, and even producers, it is how the Bangtan Boys demonstrate all their creativity, expressing their feelings, emotions, and thoughts in each of their songs.

In addition, ARMY has songs from Bangtan Sonyeondan idols together, they also have solo songs that show more of their facets, talents, skills and shine as soloists with their own compositions. Jin is one of the members who has released some tracks individually.

Songs like 'Epiphany', 'Tonight' and 'Moon' have captured all of Seokjin's great solo talent, these compositions have been released in various BTS productions, or as digital singles for some important dates for the idol group. But Kim Seokjin has also worked on OSTs for dramas, shining with his voice in various stories for television.

And even if you can't believe it, Jin has perfect songs for your wedding day, you just have to choose one of his romantic compositions that will add even more emotion to the day in which you decide to stay with your loved one forever.

Jin from BTS sings the perfect songs for your wedding day, here's the reason why

Why does Jin from BTS has the perfect songs for your wedding day? Well, this was Well, this was considered by an expert, an American journalist who decided to give the idol a chance and listen to his song 'Yours' that he made for the OST of the drama 'Jirisan'. At first the man didn't have great expectations, but Seokjin's voice touched his heart and he was really moved by this idol's song, so the journalist was completely captivated.

After listening to the song, this journalist even said that he wanted 'Yours' to be played on his wedding day, that's how radical the change was after hearing this beautiful composition.

This is how this BTS idol completely captivated someone who now wants to enjoy his voice on such a special day as his wedding, Jin's great voice will be perfect to accompany you on the day you start your life next to your soul mate.

What makes Jin's songs so special?

Maybe it's because as a soloist, Jin chooses to The most special thing about Jin's songs is that the idol chooses the ballad genre to perform his own compositions. This type of music, so soft but full of feelings, is what makes Seokjin's voice shine even more in each track and stand out with the beautiful lyrics full of love and romance, which he has performed on several occasions.

Jin is an amazing singer | Twitter: @winterboyksj

Create your wedding playlist with Jin's songs, you will surely find the most suitable for your relationship and you will want to dedicate it to your loved one. 

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