Jin for Permission to Dance on Stage Jin for Permission to Dance on Stage

BTS' Jin talks about his military service, how does he feel about it?

Jin will be the first member of BTS to serve the military. This is what he and HYBE said about it.

BTS is one of the best-selling artists in the global music industry. Nobody can deny how powerful the group is. However, no matter the massive popularity, Bangtan cannot change the complicated geo-politic situation of their country.

Every single man in Korea  receives the call of the Military Service. Because of the age, Jin will be the first member to attend it. ARMY is concern and this is what the Idol have to say.

BTS' Jin for Permission to Dance on Stage / By @kiss_seven7

Could BTS get a special military exemption?

BTS is in Las Vegas for their four shows with Permission To Dance On Stage. On April 9th the group held a press conference with the local press. The eldest member Jin was asked about the possibility of the special military exemption. The singer answer:

I have talked a lot with the company about military service. I talked about how I would entrust it to the company as much as possible. I believe what the company has to say is as good as what I say.

In Korea the discussion about this topic is still in progress. In november the National Assembly deliberated on a revision to the Military Service Act that would give an exemption to artists who are great contributors to the popular culture and arts. The revision has been postponed, though.

At the press conference the representative of HYBE CCO Lee Jinhyeong said:

After the revision of the Military Service Act, the decision will be on the company

Finally, Lee clarifies,we have to wait for the upcoming news:

We are doing our best to come up with the best solution. I hope that we can reach a conclusion as soon as possible because it is true that this uncertainty is causing some difficulties.

BTS at press conference / By @btspicstwt_

We are sure ARMY will be waiting for Jin if he has to attend the military service. Anyways, we are hoping for good news!

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