Jin and his new adventure on Instagram Jin and his new adventure on Instagram

BTS' Jin returns to Instagram after a while, what has he been up to?

Jin updated on Instagram after a long time without activity, he shared photos of what he was doing

Since BTS is on Instagram, ARMY can hear from their members more often. They each post different adventures in their photos, like Jin this time updating and showing us something he was up to recently.

Through social networks we can all follow our favorite artists and learn more about them. In December 2021, the members of BTS announced their personal accounts on Instagram and each one began to share much more content with their fans, moments, videos and photos that always brighten the fans' day.

Jin, who can be found on Instagram as @jin, used to upload quite a few photos, some of himself, some of food, some of activities he did. Always showing ARMY a different side, as well as commenting on the posts of their groupmates and trying out the different features of the platform to understand them better.

It's so funny to see all the activity Seokjin has on Instagram, even though the last time he had shared anything was almost a month ago, after Bangtan Sonyeondan's concerts in Las Vegas. ARMY wanted to see what Jin was doing, although surely due to the work of the comeback he was not very active on social networks.

Until now, since Jin updated again on IG and shared it with all his fans, what was the BTS idol doing these days? Here we tell you what these new photos tell us.

Jin from BTS has a Pokémon adventure that he shared on Instagram

In the new photos that Jin posted on Instagram we can see that the idol had a Pokémon adventure. Seokjin went to the event called 'Pokémon with HIVE city'. So we could see him accompanied by Pikachu and holding a Pokeball, in the background other Pokémon are also seen in graffiti.

Jin and Pokémon | Instagram: @jin

This is how Jin had a great Pokémon adventure and shared his experience with ARMY, maybe we will have more updates from the BTS idol on Instagram soon. J-Hope also added a comment to his partner's photos, telling her: You go around doing cute solo things.

Does Jin like Pokémon?

Sure, if it's not obvious from his attendance at that Pokémon event, Jin had previously also shared a sticker he got when the Pokemon bun and sticker craze in Korea was at its height. He shared a photo of the first sticker he had, it was the Pokémon Psyduck from the first generation.

Jin's first Pokémon sticker | Instagram: @jin

Although we don't know what Jin's favorite Pokémon will be, it may be one that looks like an alpaca like RJ, but surely he enjoyed this series as a child and now Pokémon brings him good memories.

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