Jin in Big Ball Land now is a toursim attractor Jin in Big Ball Land now is a toursim attractor

BTS' Jin now became a tourist attraction of Big Ball Land in Korea

A week ago, Jin shared photos in the Big Ball Land park and now he is the tourist attraction in this place

Jin likes to have fun and a week ago he went to the 'Big Ball Land' park where he had a nice time that he turned with ARMY on Instagram. Now, the BTS idol is a tourist attraction in this place.

BTS idols are not only extremely dedicated and passionate about their work. Each one of them has a different and fun personality, since they opened their personal accounts on Instagram, they have been able to share more of their days with their fans. Even when these idols aren't working.

We love to see how the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have fun, in their IG accounts they usually post a lot of photos and stories where they show us more of their days off, hobbies, behind the camera and also part of their work. Kim Seokjin loves to have fun and always shares his adventures with us.

Like that time he shared his stay at a Pokémon theme park or the behind the scenes of Super Tuna, it was just great. Instagram is a great place where Jin has gradually learned her functions and now she shares the best moments with us through photos on his profile.

Exactly a week ago, Jin shared some photos where he was in the 'Big Ball Land' park and now the BTS idol became a big star of the place and a tourist attraction.

Big Ball Land made BTS' Jin their main attraction after the idol's visit

Big Ball Land posted Seokjin's picture on their instagram, they put Jin's post on Instagram in the park right on the bench where he sat. So now the idol of BTS is a new attraction to see in this park. Maybe many ARMYs take photos in the same spot as Jinnie did.

Jin in Big Ball Land | Instagram: @bigballland

So if you visit Jeju Island, you should definitely check out Jin's spot in Big Ball Land, it will be just great, we're happy to see BTS impact even on  tourism.

Jin had a lot of fun on his trip to Jeju Island

In addition to his photos on Jeju Island, Jin also shared more moments from his trip to the place, on the beach, at a restaurant. There are those who saw him with Jungkook and also with his manager. Besides that he visited one of his chef friends and it is said that maybe they will have a variety show together.

Jin in Jeju Island | Instagram: @jin

So, it might be that Jin has some surprises for ARMY to be released soon, we can't wait to get to know them! It'll be amazing.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, or their records, like this one they achieved with 'Run BTS', an amazing song from Proof.

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