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BTS' Jin melts the 'Hunt' cast with sweet message at the movie premiere

Jin of BTS attended the premiere of the new movie "Hunt". The Idol shocked everyone with a lovely massage for the cast.

Not that along BTS dropped an emotive video to talk about its future. During the FESTA 2022, the members shared their honest thoughts about their careers. All of the have different things they would like to try.

Jin said he wants to be an actor. It is not the first time the Idol talks about it. ARMY is already supporting him and wondering when will he debut in the filming industry. Millions of fanatics are expecting him to confirm a project.

Jin of BTS / Twitter @Bangtanverse__

Meanwhile, the singer known as 'Worldwild handsome' is pretty close to the film world. He has been attending many premieres to support a couple of movies. Of course, his appearance drives crazy the whole Internet.

Jin attends the 'Hunt' premiere

On August 2nd (KST) the action movie 'Hunt' was premiered. It was a crowded event, many hours before it started, tons of fanatics gathered with banners and pictures of Jin. The Idol himself asked on Weverse for the support of his fans.

Jin with Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung / Twitter @ksj_shady

The superstars Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung, who played the main characters in the film, welcomed Jin to the scenario. The singer was posing with the actors, but suddenly, he took out of his pocket a piece of paper.

Jin at the 'Hunt' premiere / Twitter @caarlamoontoya

Jin proudly showed his hand-made banner, "Fighting, Hunt!". Both actors were laughing thanks to the cute action of the Idol. After posing for the press, the host asked him to talk. Despite being really nervous, he showed his support to his admired seniors.

Finally, Jung Woo Sung thanked Jin to attend the event and make them smile. The crowd was very excited to see the member of BTS. It looked like a fanmeeting, Jin's popularity is not a joke!

J-Hope's preparation for his Lollapalooza performance was very intense. Read more about it here.

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