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BTS' Jin is the King of Shazam, he joins PSY domination with this shocking record

Jin and PSY are now the only Korean singers who have over 6 million Shazams. Here are the new records of the BTS member on this platform.

BTS music has already conquered the global industry. The hits of the K-Pop sensation are now part of pop culture. People from all nationalities are dancing to their addictive songs such as "Dynamite" and "Butter".

On the other hand, each member has a lot to offer with their solo projects. Their singles are nothing but quality. All of them have a unique style that we all love to listen to. It makes sense that this special project became a whole success as well.

Jin of BTS / Twitter @i4bumin

Last year, Jin dropped "Yours", an original soundtrack for the series Jirisan. This beautiful song is still breaking records even after many months since its release. We are telling you everything about the new achievement.

Jin and PSY are the most popular Korean artists on Shazam

Recently, Jin of BTS got 6 million Shazams on the famous platform with the song "Yours". The handsome Idol is now joining PSY as the only two Korean solo artists with this impressive mark. Congratulation to both of them!

That's not all, on July 14th reveled Shazam revealed its ranking of the week. Jin topped the Shazam Global Chart. Some other awesome artists are on the list such as Harry Styles, Lizzo, Shakira, and Beyonce.

Shazam Global Chart / Twitter @SeokjinOficial

It is the fourth week for Jin to be No.1 on the ranking. He is the first and only Korean soloist to get this wonderful achievement. "Yours" have been for 133 consecutive days on Top 200 Shazam Japon.

ARMY is already celebrating the Shazam king on social media. "SHAZAM GLOBAL ARTIST JIN#Yours_Jin, #SuperTuna_Jin, and more are all over Twitter. His popularity is out of the world! Also, his tracks are so good that is impossible not to put them on repeat.

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