BTS' Jin at the Grammys BTS' Jin at the Grammys

BTS' Jin is making a trend with Free Fire and this is the reason why

The collaboration between BTS and Free Fire is climbing another level. The unique Jin original design for it is going beyond the game.

On March the collab of BTS with the popular video game Free Fire was a huge event. The game showed a special edition interface interface inspired by K-Pop group.

All the members designed their own skins. Seven new outfits for the characters were made for the players. Among all of them, the skin made by Jin caused an unexpected reaction in the general public. This is why it is turning viral.

BTS characters for Free Fire / By @iF4lRYTAE

Jin's creative 'skin' design is all over the internet

As the fandom know, the eldest member of BTS, Jin is always looking to erase the limits and let his creativity fly. Recently, he offered a surprising skin design for the Free Fire collaboration.

"Pink Angel Princess" is the name of the character created by the singer. The genderless design is head to toe neon pink with a big heart in the chest and, why not?, wings in the same color.

Jin original design for Free Fire / By @sugasrkiv

The character is becoming popular among gamers and at the same time, among the fans who want to make their outfits inspired in the pink skin.

Gamers from all over the world are going on live broadcast to play Free Fire while wearing a hand-made cosplay of the distinctive skin.

Gamer reaction to 'Pink Angel' / By @MadnaeJin1204

On the other hand, for the Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Las Vegas, a few ARMYs attended the show cosplaying Jin's creation.

ARMY at the Permission To Dance On Stage concert / By @Ederlin0417

Would you like to try the Pink Angel cosplay?

Or, what other BTS skin's design would you wear?

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