The story behind Jin's RJ and Koya hat The story behind Jin's RJ and Koya hat

BTS' Jin has a cute story behind the hat he wore at PTD On Stage

Jin wore a very original hat during one of the BTS concerts of Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul and this one has a story full of cuteness

Jin showed his most creative and tender side with the hat he wore in Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul, this is the story of how it was created especially for the BTS idol.

The members of BTS not only reflect a lot of themselves in their songs, they also do it on stage. We could say that this is the natural habitat of these idols, since they really feel comfortable in their performances, they feel free when they are in front of ARMY singing and dancing.

Bangtan Sonyeondan gives its best at every concert and Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul was no exception. After a long wait, Bangtan was able to meet their Korean fans and share the best moments with ARMY once again. In addition to being professional on stage, BTS also seeks to have fun and give great memories to their fans during these events.

Like Jin, his cheerful and joking personality always stands out at Bangtan concerts. Despite being the oldest member, he never stops having fun and showing off his good sense of humor. In addition to also expressing all his love for ARMY at every moment on stage.

And in Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul we saw Seokjin having fun on stage, in one of the songs, he wore a hat that had RJ and Koya, characters from BT21, but did you know that this accessory has a cute story? Find out how the creativity of the BTS idol influenced this hat.

BTS' Jin put all his creativity into his RJ and Koya hat that he wore in Permission To Dance On Stage

During BTS' Anpanman performance at Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul on their second date, Jin appeared wearing a hat of RJ and Koya, BT21 characters owned by Jin himself and RM, respectively. But did you know that this hat does not exist? Rather, it is not for sale.

The truth is that RJ's original hat from BT21 merch is out of stock, this is why Jin couldn't get it, but he had to figure out how to not only wear his character during his concert, but also add Namjoon's character. His hat is actually made from a pillow, RJ's head with Koya on it was adapted to become a hat.

Jin's hat came from a pillow | Twitter: @seokjinism1

This means that Jin came up with this new hat made of a pillow or maybe he did it himself, awww! Isn't that the cutest thing? He not only decided to use RJ, which is his BT21 character, but also Namjoon's, OMG, Namjin crumbs.

Jin really wanted RM to notice Koya in his hat

When Jin came out with RJ and Koya's hat, he ran to RM to make his bandmate see that he had his BT21 character too, the cutest moment in PTD On Stage is when Seokjin points out his Koya to Namjoon, OMG. ARMY had the best moments with the idols.

There were definitely many amazing moments in Permission To Dance On Stage, it will be some of the concerts that ARMY will never forget thanks to BTS idols.

We have the best moments of BTS in Permission To Dance On Stage, so keep reading more about the boy band and its amazing idols. 

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