BTS' Jin and Baek Jong Won BTS' Jin and Baek Jong Won

BTS' Jin had a good time with the chef Baek Jong Won, this is the story

BTS members and Baek Jong Won have an adorable relationship. Jin has revealed pictures of his day with the famous chef.

One year ago BTS met the Korean chef Baek Jong Won for a special episode of "Run BTS". The fans loved the cute interaction between the chef and the members.

Most of the members are not that good for cooking. Despite their basic skills at the kitchen the chef was patient to help the Idols. At the end of the day the dishes were delicious, at least that is what we saw in this episode.

The public loved the combination and a couple of months later the chef went back to the show for another episode. Apparently, the friendship between the group and Baek Jong Won has been growing up. Jin has revealed more about it.

Baek Jong Won and Jin / Instagram @jin

Jin drops pictures of his day with the chef Baek Jong Won

On May 23 BTS' Jin posted on his personal Instagram account various photos of the Idol having a good time with Baek Jong Won. We can see these celebrities cooking ribs on a grill. The food looks delicious!

Jin's post / Instagram @jin

According to the singer, the chef cooked these mouthwatering dishes. Eventually, both drink a glass of wine. It seems like they enjoyed the moment.

Chef Baek Jong Won / Instagram @jin

ARMY is having different reactions to these pictures. Most of them are envious of Baek Jong Won because of his close friendship with Jin. Some other fans would like to be the Idol to try that delicious food.

Jin on Instagram / Instagram @jin

Meanwhile, J-Hope was envious as well. He commented the post:

Heol! Baek-ssaem (master)!

Jwin, you didn't invite me.

Jin shares everything with ARMY. Check here how he celebrated his father's birthday.

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