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BTS' Jin drops shocking picture to brag about his friendship tattoo

Jin finally revealed his BTS friendship tattoo with a beautiful photo. His post is driving ARMY and the rest of the members crazy.

BTS held a big celebration in honor of its 9th anniversary. The biggest boy group in the world prepared the anthology album "Proof", new tracks, and more special content for ARMY. The party was giant.

As you may know, the music video for "Yet To Come" is full of references to Bangtan's career. Every single detail was recorded to remind us of some of the most iconic videos of the group. The perfect way to celebrate its journey in the music industry.

BTS for 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @bts_bighit

On the other hand, the seven members are celebrating their friendship as well. They are a strong family that has faced too many hardships together. The Idols got a tattoo as a symbol of their relationship. Jin is showing it with a shocking photo.

Jin reveals his BTS friendship tattoo

On June 26th Jin posted on his Instagram account various pictures of his trip to the beach. All these photos show the beautiful blue sky. Despite all the images being gorgeous, there is one that caught ARMY's attention.

BTS' Jin's post on Instagram / Instagram @jin

His first post is he is looking at the sea while wearing nude pants but not a t-shirt. The Idol is bragging about his BTS tattoo. The small and elegant 7 is now on the back of the handsome Idol.

Jin's new tattoo / Twitter @sujisbabe

Not just the fans are surprised by the post but the rest of the members are shocked as well. J-Hope commented laughing, with a powerful "holy moly!!!!!!!" and tons of fire emoji. Meanwhile, RM said:

Ah! I got surprised. I thought you weren't wearing bottoms either.

Jin of BTS / Instagram @jin

Jin answered his teammates saying, "That would be a crime". Suga asked, "Jjwan, (Jin nickname), why the sudden acceleration out of nowhere?". The oldest of the group confessed that he went to Jeju Island without a previous plan.

ARMY, are you okay after watching the awesome photo? Was your reaction similar to BTS one?

BTS's Jungkook and Charlie Puth are dominating iTunes with the song "Left and Right". We have all the information for you.

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