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BTS' Jin confess ARMY is his refuge in 'Proof Of Inspiration' new video

BTS is revealing the most memorable song of its career with the upcoming album "Proof. Jin chose "Moon" and Jamzis Vu". What was the reason behind his decision?

The K-Pop sensation BTS is ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The anthology album "Proof" will be here on June 10. It will include three new songs, the title single "Yet to Come", "Run BTS" and " For Youth".

ARMY is really excited to listen to Bangatan's new music. At the same time, it is the perfect opportunity to recall some of the most beloved songs of the group. Of course everyone likes the greatest hits like "Idol" or "Dynamite". But the fanatics are waiting for other tracks.

BTS members / By @SwagDeysi13

As you may know, BTS members usually release some solo songs on their albums. There are too many good songs that were dedicated to the fans and these will be included in the upcoming album.

The Idols are explaining why they chose these songs. Jin has revealed a touching reason to include "Moon" and "Jamais Vu".

Jin reveals why Moon and Jamais Vu are so important

On May 17 a new video for the series "Proof Of Inspiration" was dropped. Here the members of BTS are sharing their honest thoughts about their music. This time Jin is confessing why he chose Moon and Jamais Vu to be part of "Proof".

Jin from BTS / @caarlamoontoya

The Idol explained that he wants the public to listen to these songs again. Moon describes his relationship with ARMY. Just like the earth  and the moon, Jin and the fans are inseparable but this time he added a new characteristic:

Now, I think we're at a point where I am ARMY and ARMY are me. We've assimilated into one.

The singer also mentioned that his career and his wouldn't be possible without the fans, they are his 'proof'. In the case of Jamais Vu the message is pretty clear as well:

Whenever things get tough and I get exhausted I will think of our members and ARMY who have been my refuge and comfort.

Eventually he gains energy and goes back to do music. Check the full video here.

He is always thinking about the fans. What do you think about Jin's words?

Read this article to know what songs V chose for "Proof".

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