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BTS' Jin celebrates his father 60th birthday with a sweet message

Jin from BTS took social media to share a special message for his dad. This is what he did to celebrate his father's birthday.

All the members of BTS are well known for being family oriented. Is common to see the superstars talking about some stories about their families. Occasionally, the Idols share even pictures when we can see them next to their relatives but always protecting their identities.

ARMY already knows how good sons these singers are. Usually, they talk about making their parents happy or how much they respect and love them.

This time, Jin  is melting the hearts of the fanatics with his adorable actions to celebrate his dad. We are telling you everything.

Jin from BTS / By @btsxarmyarg

Jin reveals photos of his dad birthday party

On May 22th (KST) Jin posted on his personal Instagram account a picture of a bouquet of flowers. Among the purple and blue flowers we can see a card with a short but beautiful message.


Happy 60th birthday

Life starts from now on!!

Jin's post / Instagram @jin

Apparently, his family held a small birthday party with a golf theme cake and the usual gift for elders in Korea: money. Happy birthday Jin's dad!

Jin talking about his dad / By @abyss_dandelion

Previously, Jin confessed that his father was the one who taught him to be kind with the people. The Idol of course is a considerate and affectionate person. His dad has to be really proud that his lesson made Jin a wonderful man.

The fans are really impressed with Jin's words. His message reflects an awesome mindset. Despite being the joker of the group, for sure he is thoughtful and mature as well.

What do you think about it? BTS members are the best songs!

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