Jin from BTS is now an uncle Jin from BTS is now an uncle

BTS' Jin becomes the favorite uncle now that his nephew is born

The Kim family has grown and this is how fans found out that Jin from BTS is an uncle now, his nephew was just born

Jin's family has welcomed a new member, as this BTS member's brother had his first child, so Seokjin has become an uncle.

Where did the dreams and goals of the BTS members begin? It is very certain that in their families, the first ARMYs in the world were parents, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. of the BigHit trainees who would soon become idols. Each of them has their own family that has shown their love and support for the artists from the very beginning.

And the best thing is that ARMY has been able to meet some members of the Bangtan Sonyeondan families, since the boys of the group have shared moments with them. Even some brothers of the idols often share a lot of them with fans through social networks. The appreciation for the love that Bangtan receives extends to the brothers or parents of their artists.

Like Jin's family, the brother of this member of BTS is well known since through Instagram he has shared a little about himself and his life, such as his wedding. Kim Seokjung is older than Seokjin, and he announced a while ago that he would become a father. Jin suggested him to name the baby 'Butter', so they nicknamed the next member of his family as Kim Butter.

Well, after the long wait, Kim Butter has arrived in the world, Jin's nephew was born and this is how the Bangtan idol became an uncle, he will be Kim Butter's favorite one.

Jin's brother announces the birth of his son, the idol of BTS has become an uncle

Through his Instagram account, Kim Seokjung announced that his son was born, it seems that Kim Butter came into the world in good health and brought great happiness to his family. This is how ARMY found out that Jin is an uncle now and he is surely very happy with the news. Many fans hope to see him with his nephew soon, of course, while respecting the baby's privacy.

Jin's brother announced the birth of his baby | Twitter: @Andy12844361

Congratulations to the Kim family! Surely Jin will be the best uncle in the world and it will be fun to see the interactions with his nephew in the future, it will show us the softer side of the idol

Who is Kim Seok Jung? Get to know a little about BTS Jin's brother

Kim Seokjung is Jin's older brother, it is well known that in addition to being family, both are also business partners as they own a Japanese food restaurant. The truth is that they seem to be very close, since Seokjin was an MC at his brother's wedding, where they shared a great moment together.

Jin at Kim Seokjung's wedding | Twitter: @JinnieBani

Now you know a little more about Jin's family, which is now bigger with the arrival of the nephew of this BTS idol.

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