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BTS' Jin attends the MapleStory Symphony in Seoul, he shares his fanaticism on social media

Jin of BTS is a big fan of the classic game MapleStory. The Idol reveals pictures of the MapleStory concert in Seul.

Do you know why ARMY is a giant fandom? Since their early days, BTS members have been sharing their true personalities with the fans. There are very open about their worries, fears, and joys. As result, the fans are pretty close to the artists.

The biggest boy group in the world is starting a new era. These talented gentlemen are preparing many surprises for the fans. The seven Idols are working on solo projects, we all are waiting for it!

BTS members / Twitter @anpanbtsbrasil_

Meanwhile, they are still in contact with their beloved fanatics through social media. They usually reveal some details about their daily lives. It's great to see them enjoying their free time. This time, Jin is showing his fanatism for the video game MapleStory.

Jin post his experience at the MapleStory Symphony in Seoul

On July 23rd Jin of BTS dropped on his Instagram account a couple of lovely pictures. The Idol, also known as 'Worldwide Handsome", is proudly posing with the adorable characters' posters of the popular video game MapleStory.

Jin's post / Instagram @jin

The singer is holding the event program of the MapleStory Symphony in Seoul, Korea. This concert is a special show to recall the most iconic OST from the game such as "Queen's Garden" and "Masked Heart" It took place at the Concert Hall in Korea's capital.

Previously, the singer of "Yours" has talked about his love for video games. We even saw him playing almost the whole day in the show "BTS In The Soop 2". He is a true video games fanatic.

ARMY is really happy to see him having a good time. Also, the fandom has high expectations for his upcoming projects. Recently he posted a picture of himself recording at the studio. He knows pretty well how to balance work and fun.

Finally, Jimin's Vlog is here! We have all the details about this anticipated video.

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