Lee Sang Yeob and BTS' Jin Lee Sang Yeob and BTS' Jin

BTS' Jin and Lee Sang Yeob have a close friendship, this is their story

BTS is getting ready for the release of "Proof". Before the busy schedule begins the members enjoy their free time. Jin is sharing everything about his friendship with the actor Lee Sang Yeob.

All the members of BTS are polite and well mannered with the people they work with. No matter if it is the production staff or colleagues, for sure everyone has just good things to say about the K-Pop sensation after meeting the Idols.

However, among all of them there are a few that find it easiest to connect with the people. Despite Jin having declared himself as an introvert we have seen him having a casual talk with strangers during their trips with the show "Bon Voyage".

Jin from BTS / By @KimSeokjinSpain

The calm personality and his always in point humor are the most important factors to explain why Jin is the social butterfly of Bangtan. Recently, the singer shared pictures of nhis dinner with the chef Baek Jong Won. Now he has revealed a new friendship.

BTS' Jin and Lee Sang Yeob played golf together.

On May 24 the actor Lee Sang Yeob posted on Instagram a lovely photo of him and Jin from BTS. Both of them are wearing golf clothes and matching shoes, for sure they are ready to play.

Lee Sang Yeob's post / Instagram @sangyeob

Eventually, Jin dropped a short video of himself where we can see the Idol getting ready to hit the ball but he fails. As usual, He knows how to joke, he added a playful message:

Even the clothes(shirt) getting caught [on the golf club] it was perfect.

Apparently, they have been friends for a long time now. Last year the actor dropped some pictures of him enjoying BTS show "Permission To Dance On Stage" in Seoul. Back then he praised the group a lot.

It seems like Jin is a good friend. Read her more about Jin's meeting with the chef Baek Jong Won.

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