J-Hope comments on Jin's publication J-Hope comments on Jin's publication

BTS' Jin and J-hope have a cute interaction on Instagram on Valentine's Day and ARMY loved it

BTS shows their friendship every chance they get and this Valentine's Day was no exception

This February 14th is a very special day in many parts of the world, as it is celebrated the day of love and friendship.For the K-pop world, this date does not go unnoticed either as Idols often surprise us with cute details, from a congratulations, a special message or even photos.

BTS has also given us something to talk about this special day and since the boys opened their personal Instagram accounts, they have been sharing much more content for ARMY and this time Jin and J-hope gave us a nice interaction.

Twitter @TETEXGIRL / Jin on his Instagram

J-Hope comments on Jin's photos

It seems that Jin always has ARMY on his mind, as the Idol shared some selfies on his Instagram account where he looks elegant as if it was a romantic date between Jin and ARMY. 

Of course fans made a big fuss over the photos, but the icing on the cake was that J-Hope was the first one to comment on Jin's photo resulting in a cute interaction between them.

Twitter @cuttevante / J-hope shows his friendship to Jin

J-Hope was quick to comment on Jin's post saying "The Little Prince" and boy is he right, as the "Worldwide Handsome" always lives up to his nickname with his poise and elegance. Besides Jin always expresses his affection for his fans with cute heart gestures.

ARMY liked this interaction so much that they quickly started commenting on it and remarked that the guys always show how close they are and how cute their friendship is.
No doubt this was a good Valentine's Day for ARMY and BTS.

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