BTS' Jin amusing response to an Army calling him a liar

The 28-years-old is the oldest member of the worldwide sensation Bangtan Sonyeondan. Being the eldest, one would expect him to be mature and serious. However, Jin is the wittiest, most funny member in the group. Keep reading to find out why?


  • Kim Seok-Jin was born in Gwacheon-si, South Korea in 1992.
  • He is regarded as a ‘father’ of the group as he takes care of the younger members, especially Jungkook.
  • The 5’10” tall star has produced hit solo songs including ‘Moon’.

BTS members are lucky that they have Jin as their role model. The 28-years-old is the epitome of confidence and humor. His unique and carefree personality is something the fans admire about him.

BTS member jin looking flawless without makeup

Seok-Jin recently posted a picture of his bare, handsome face. However, an army had a hard time believing that he was not wearing a single ounce of make up. ‘You’re liar-Jin, you are so handsome like this without makeup!’ said the person.

‘Mr. Worldwide Handsome’ hilariously replied that he was not bare face. He was wearing makeup called ‘Handsome’. Fans couldn’t help but agree with his statement. Looking at his good-looking face, how can someone not? We live for Jin’s wittiness and aspire to have his level of confidence in life. 

Watch the video below to see Jin's funniest moments!

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