He Sung Woon and BTS' Jimin He Sung Woon and BTS' Jimin

BTS' Jimin wanted to work with Ha Sung Woon, this is the story behind 'With you'

The friends Ha Sung Woon and Jimin from BTS released a song together a few weeks ago. Here is the story of how they ended up working for the collab "With You".

Have you watched "Our Blues"?  This adorable K-Drama has caught the attention of the world because of its amazing casting, the plot and, of course, the Original Soundtrack.

The singer Ha Sung Woon and his close friend Jimin from BTS  worked together on a song for this drama. As soon as "With you" was released it became a global success. In just a few  hours it set the record as the fastest track to reach No.1 on iTunes in 100 countries.

Despite everybody already knowing about their friendship between the artists, we were wondering how this track was planned. Ha Sung Woon is sharing all the details.

BTS' Jimin and Ha Sung Woon / By @btsargento

BTS' Jimin accepted to work in a collab exclusively with Ha Sung Woon

Recently the singer Ha Sung Woon has explained how he got to do a collaboration with Jimin. Originally he was working with Punch in a song for the K-Drama "Our Blues". The OST production team asked him to contact Jimin. He said:

I called him just in case he wants to do an OST but he hasn't got the chance yet.

Ha Sung Woon talking about the collab / By @kiss_seven7

Some other members of BTS have already released tracks for Korean shows. Apparently, at the beginning Jimin wasn't interested but he was curious to work with Ha Sung Woon. Jimin response was:

If it's a duet with you I want to try it.

Initially this was not the plan, Ha Sung Woon told the Idol that the staff wasn't thinking on a duet. Since Jimin requested it, the production team accepted after hearing the story. Ha Sung Woon concluded:

And that is how we ended up working on it, and I'm so happy it worked out.

Jimin is really sweet! Fortunately they end up releasing this great song, it is amazing!

What do you think about it? Their relationship is adorable. Do you want to kwon how Jimin and Ha Sung Woon met? Read this article to find it out.

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