JImin and J-Hope from BTS JImin and J-Hope from BTS

BTS' Jimin shows his deep affection for J-Hope in emotive letter

How much do BTS members care for each other? Here is the answer. J-Hope has revealed an emotional old letter he received from Jimin.

Is not a surprise that all the members of BTS are really considerate young men, everyone knows that. These superstars are well known for their kind behavior with the people, with ARMY and of course with each other.

In various occasions we have seen how the singers take care for each other. With some simple things like food or helping when one of them is sick, they have shown how important their friendship is.

BTS members / By @Army_Azul14

The fanatics are really happy to see these little actions. Via social media J-Hope is opening a box of memories and is sharing everything with ARMY. Check this lovely letter by Jimin.

J-Hope revealed a birthday letter written by Jimin.

On May 24 J-Hope posted various stories on his personal Instagram account to share some old memories. We can see different photos taken in 2014 and 2015, a ticket for the Eminem concert and more. A particular story caught the attention of ARMY.

J-Hope's post / Instagram @uarmyhope

J-Hope revealed the hand made letter written by Jimin. The rapper added the comment: "When We Were Young" and tagged his teammate. Here we can see the sweet message Jimin wrote for his hyung.

This is something I've been unable to say, but Hyungnim, while being Bangtan, you've been leading us as much as the leader from our side.

I'm always thankful and please keep leading our members well in the future.

Jimin and J-Hope / By @BTS_National

Jimin talked about his concerns for the hardships of his colleague. He asked J-Hope to take care of himself even if he is always focused on working hard. Jimin added:

Please take really good care of your health. You've been sick a lot lately anyways, I truly wish you a happy birthday and I'll upset you a little in the future too so please look after me.

I love you.

Their friendship is beautiful! What do you think about it?

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